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Home Buyers
The purchase of a home is the largest financial investment many people will make in their lifetime. With this in mind, Buying Sydney offers expert assistance and advice that takes the stress and the guesswork out of getting a great property deal.

Get access to a wider range of properties
Our network of industry contacts ensures that you see every property on the market (and some that never make it to the open market) regardless of who the sales agent is. And because we’re out in the marketplace every day, we’re often given advance notice about upcoming sales and other property information that is not publicly available.

Save time
We personally inspect all properties before recommending them to you, and only after we judge that they fit your criteria for the ideal home.

Pre Purchase Inspections
Buying Sydney can arrange all pre-purchase inspection reports, such as pest and building reports, strata searches and so on, to be carried out on your behalf.

Let us negotiate for you
Whether you are a local, interstate or overseas buyer, we can take the emotion out of the buying process and help you secure the best property.


If you wish, your purchase can be completely confidential - we can act on your behalf and no-one need know that you are the buyer. 

With Buying Sydney, you have a property expert on your team.

Please contact Buying Sydney to discuss how we can assist you with your property acquisition needs, or to arrange a free consultation.



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