buy smart and build your property portfolio faster

We can help you build your residential property portfolio faster by finding you properties with potential for superior capital growth and strong rental demand.

Know what you are buying
When considering the potential of an investment property, we look at several factors including location, rental vacancy rates and demand; short-term and 10-year capital growth rates; the building (style, structure, class and council zoning); existing tenancies and lease information; estimated rental income and property expenses.

For every investment property we evaluate, the bottom line is:

  • can we buy it well
  • can vacancies be minimized
  • can value be added
  • can capital gains be maximized 

Pre-Purchase Inspections  
We arrange for all pre-purchase inspection reports, such as pest and building, strata searches and so on to be carried out on your behalf, before commencing negotiations or attending auction on your behalf.

Prior to settlement, we can also arrange for a good local managing agent to be appointed to look after the property so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Other Property Services you may need
We have existing relationships with several excellent investment property specialists, such as accountants, financiers and mortgage brokers, quantity surveyors, insurance brokers, builders and trades-people and would be happy to recommend them to you.

And, if you later decide you wish to sell, we can assist you by recommending the best sales agent for your property, liaising with them throughout the sale if you require. 

Please contact Buying Sydney to discuss how we can assist you with your property acquisition needs, or to arrange a free consultation. 




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